Air Gap Bonding
  1. Air Gap Bonding uses double-sided adhesive to do a fixed bonding process on the 4 perimeters of the touch panel and LCD panel.Usually there are two ways to effect, includes frame sticking and strip sticking. The frame sticking is formed as one piece, and the middle is hollowed out to form a box-shaped glue for fitting; the sticking stick is double-sided adhesive and divided into four pieces according to the length of the fitting shape, and the sticking is continued in four times into the mouth font.
  2. In the selection of plastic materials, in order to ensure quality, the main brands are major manufacturers, such as 3M, Dexcerials, tesa.

Optical Bonding (Direct Bonding)

Optical bonding is glued in front of a display to enhance its readability, especially for high-humidity outdoor environments. In such an environment, the most common influenced factor is “fog”, or "condensation", which forms on the inner surface of the display's vandal shield. Another factor is the reflection of sunlight, which causes a mirror-image on the display. Optical bonding is the answer to solve mentioned above. The optical bonding technique fills the air gap with Optical Clear Adhesive (OCA), designed to be very close to that of glass, light reflection at those two interfaces is minimized, to provide the best transmission effect. Optical bonding is implemented by either liquid or sheet form OCA. The attachment process is performed in the air with liquid OCA and either UV or thermal curing process is needed after attachment. On the other hand, vacuum condition is necessary when sheet form OCA is applied.

VasTouch Bonding Service and Advantages:
  1. 1.Support Air Gap Bonding and Direct Bonding.
  2. 2.Zero-dust room with newest bonding equipment and production line, to accurately support Direct Bonding from 7inch to 27inch screen size.
  3. 3.Laminate all kinds of glasses (also PMMA and Acryl) and touch panels.
  4. 4.Provide the professional evaluation and suggestion for the best bonding technology applied.
  5. 5.Insist on using leading brand adhesive stickers and adhesives.
  6. 6.Flexible and timely production supply with prompt after-service support.
  7. 7.Experienced engineers with senior operators.
  8. 8.Strict quality control and procedure, with complete barcode system management.
  9. 9.Share and help the partners in constructing the production tools.
  10. 10.Excellent technical support to effect the best finished-product quality at the client’s site.